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 It is generally cost effective to avail rental services for event requirements instead of buying the same. This is primarily due to the fact that purchasing involves substantial investment.  In addition, you will only use these products for one or two days and then they will be no usable for you.

Under the circumstances, the obvious option is to utilise Event Souk Rentals’s hassle free, reliable rental services, your one-stop shop for every rental need. Event Event Souk Rental’s electronically monitored website, www.eventsouk.com,  controlled by the owners of Event Souk Rentals, complies with all event requirements.

The user does not have to provide any physical or even digital signature. However, whatever usage of the website the user undertakes, comes under the section of Terms and Conditions as set up by the website owners.

When you as a user choose to agree to the terms and conditions, you automatically give consent to legally bind you. Thereafter, using this website will subject you to all the liabilities outlined in this section.

Event Souk Rentals has narrowed down all the important details and you are advised to read and understand them prior to agreeing on the same. When you start usage of the website irrespective of whether you transact or not, you will have to follow the conditions as prescribed in the “Terms and Conditions” section.

All the rules mentioned adhere to the current law. After the recent development of the Information Technology Rules in 2011, it is mandatory to publish the terms and conditions. In this section, you will get a clear understanding of the rules that govern the website, www.eventsouk.com.

In the mentioned section, “You” or “User” will appear several times. It is important to understand that it refers to all those who have agreed to the specified terms. In other words, this includes all individuals who have registered and signed up as buyers or customers.

Upon starting to use the website for purchase or rent, you will be strictly liable for compliance with the terms and conditions guidelines. You essentially have to conform to the guidelines, rules, policies, etc. that pertain to the website.

 As the owners, we reserve the entire right to each of these. Hence, we have the authority to modify the same without any prior notice. As buyers or customers, it is your sole responsibility to check these conditions before proceeding with the renting process.

 These terms and conditions are treated with utmost importance and have legal bindings as well.

 In case, you choose to comply with the given terms and wish to proceed with the subsequent steps, just click on the agree option. If any further discrepancy arises, it will be governed by the laws of the UAE or the United Arab Emirates.

It is to be noted that as per the rules applicable under the law of UAE, any user who is below the age of 18 or a minor is not lawfully registered. Therefore, transactions cannot be conducted by a minor.

Return T&C

Customer have 7 days to return the item IF its still in ORIGINAL PACKAGING , Not Opened/ Repacked , proven Defective after confirmation of our inspection team.

Damages due to usage, DIY incorrectly installed, accident, wrongly cleaned, dirty, stained, natural causes or negligence will not be considered for replace/refund. We reserve the right to refuse the refund once confirmed by our inspection team.

If the product is not as per the dimension or design on website (colour may vary depending on the screen calibrations and resolutions across different displays), customer can claim replacement/Credit note/refund if informed within 7 days of purchase and not installed.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

The refund and cancellation policy states that orders cancelled 48 hours or less than 48 hours prior to the event date will not be eligible for any refund. However, orders cancelled more than 48 hours prior to the event date will receive refund of the booking amount after deduction of 20% towards cancellation charges.

Should you choose to reschedule the delivery, it is mandatory to confirm the availability of the product on the revised date. In case the item is not available, the cancellation policy will be applicable.

Our Shipping Policy

Once the item is booked through our official website, specific date and time of delivery are decided upon. The product will reach you on the designated day, couple of hours before the scheduled time to avoid unnecessary hassles.

Once the rent duration has been met, our personnel will pick the rental items from your doorstep.  Our aim is to ensure customer service of the highest order.

The delivery fee will vary depending upon the delivery distance and other factors like requirement of extra manpower, time, etc. Within Dubai the delivery fee will be lower than across the other Emirates. 

Rental Policy

It is mandatory to understand that rental policies differ from product to product It must also be accepted that a rental product may show some wear due to continuous use for some time.

In the event that the rented-out product is significantly damaged or broken at the customer’s end, penalty will be assessed based on the severity of the damage.

If the rental product is repairable, the customer has the option to repair it and return the product in the same condition as it was rented out, or Event Souk Rentals can repair the product and charge the customer the repair cost, which is determined by the Event Souk Rentals team.

However, if the product is beyond repair, the customer is responsible to pay Event Souk Rentals the product’s market value, as decided by the Event Souk Rentals team.

In case the deposit amount equals or is more than the damage cost, Event Souk Rentals will deduct the amount. If the damage cost is more than the deposit, the customer will have to pay the extra charges.

Payment Policy

For any booking to be confirmed, the customer must pay at least 50% of the total order value to reserve the items for the event day, else our system will not accept the order.

Payment can be made through bank transfer, cash deposit to our bank account, cash deposit directly to our office, or through our online payment gateway. The balance amount should be paid at the time of delivery by cash, or bank transfer or through our online payment gateway.

Our delivery team will have the right to take back the items in case the customer refuses or is unable to pay the balance amount at the time of delivery.

It is also mandatory that you provide your identity details before each booking for security reasons.  

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