Privacy Policy – Event Souk 

Event Souk Rentals is a rental service company catering to all your event rental requirements. Our website is dedicated to showcase our various rental services and attend to all your queries and requirements.

Do we collect any personal data?

The boundaries of the cyber world are not very well-defined, and accordingly, this policy applies to all the data that we obtain from our clients.


During a visit to the website, you have the option to leave valuable comments. Once our well-developed software ensures that a comment is not a spam, it is displayed in the “Comments” section. It is our practice to collect the comments and respond to them.


Cookies allow the website to remember information about your visit and give you a great user experience. They make the site more useful for you when you revisit. Cookies will help us to send you regular updates from us. These updates are strictly professional and will help you to better understand and stay abreast about our promotional offers.

What is the duration for which we have your data?

Once you leave a comment, we store your data forever. This is specially done to make it easier for us to follow up on your comment. In case you sign up or register on our website, we have your information for our ready reference.

The data remain completely secured with us and we do not allow access under any circumstances.

Do you have any rights over this data?

In the event that you have registered with us or left a comment on our website, you are entitled to ask for a copy of the same. In case of personal requests, we also delete the information stored unless we have a legal obligation.


The information that we get is safe with us.

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