Event Owners

Want to celebrate a birthday? A school reunion? Have a wedding coming up? Sit back, relax, and allow us to find you service providers ready to cater to your event's every need in a few easy steps.

Service Providers

Every successful event needs certain services; be it caterers, performers, musicians or event planners. Using EventSouk, service providers such as you can now reach out to far more customers and increase business.

Service Providers
Event Sponsors

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We are EventSouk, and we are here to make event management just that little bit smarter. We are a global, online marketplace connecting event owners with event service providers. As an owner, you have the choice of multiple providers for your event, all just a click away. As a service provider, you can now reach more customers using the power of our platform. Using EventSouk, an event can be planned from end to end in a few hours, instead of days. Oh, and all this for free. Why then, should you not be smarter?


Event Owners

  • Create highly customizable events, with standard and non-standard offerings
  • End-to-end coverage of event management activities
  • Reach out to multiple service providers simultaneously

Service Providers

  • Use the inherent power of the internet to directly reach hundreds of customers
  • Get detailed event descriptions and specifications delivered directly to you
  • Lesser time wasted, and more work getting done
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Event Owners

  • Sign up for EventSouk if you’re a first timer, or sign in if you’ve already registered
  • Create your event for free: We will need event details, service & venue requirements, and your contact information
  • Create and send out invitations for your event, while your event specifications are communicated to service providers. Interested providers will get back to you with their quote for your specifications
  • Select the most favourable quote and finalise event details
  • Get in touch with your selected service provider and execute the event

Service Providers

  • Sign up for EventSouk if you’re a first timer, or sign in if you’ve already registered
  • Create your profile for free, detailing the various venues or services your agency can provide
  • You will receive notifications for events whose requirements match your profile and capabilities
  • Submit your quote for the event
  • If your quote is selected, get in touch with the event owner and execute the event

Pricing Options for Service Providers

  • 10 bids/month per service
  • 1 service listing
  • 3 portfolio items
  • No service verification
  • Notifications: Dashboard & Email
  • No free advertisement


3000Per Month

  • 30 bids/month per service
  • 1 service listing
  • 10 portfolio items
  • Service verification
  • Notifications: Dashboard & Email
  • Free advertisement: 3 days/month


7500Per Month

  • Unlimited bids/month per service
  • 2 service listing
  • 20 portfolio items
  • Service verification
  • Notifications: Dashboard & Email
  • Free advertisement: 7 days/month


EventSouk connects the Event Owners with Event Sponsors. Owner submits the required details on EventSouk when creating an event. This provides the Corporate who sponsors an event, the basis for deciding to sponsor an event. Sponsorship gives the Owners the leverage to organise larger events, in turn benefitting all the stake holders in an event. EventSouk assists the Owner by providing a proposal template to be given to a Sponsor.

The Event Owner could be an individual, a firm, an apartment complex, a NGO or another corporate. The portal is to soon bring on board scores of large brands who want to further their brand value by sponsoring small and large events. They would login to the portal and see the listing of upcoming events that present good sponsorship opportunity.