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The traditional advantages of Enjoy misting are well known: the cooling, produced by the heat exchange between the misting cloud and the air, brings along with it the neutralization of odors, the dust suppression such as cigarette smoke and the distancing of flying insects.

Today Idrobase Group wants to combine these benefits with the guarantee of the “Clean Breathing” system, which sterilizes the water. In fact, although the water is originally pure and genuine, it can be easily contaminated and host pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and other parasites. To avoid similar risks, the very fine misting of the Enjoy is purified before emission: the water source is exposed to sterilizer’s rays with a wavelength that destroys the DNA of harmful microorganisms. It makes them harmless and it blocks their reproduction.

– furnishes the garden
– lights the night
– support base for your drink
– keeps mosquitoes away
– neutralizes odours and dust
– decreases the temperature when it’s too hot
– warms up the surrounding environment when it’s too cold

Brand Idrobase Italy
Model Name OASI
Color White
Height 215cm
Electric Heater 1500 watt
Misting Area in m2 6
Water Pressure at the Nozzles 60 bar
Water Tank capacity 20 L
Drop Size 11 micron
Remote Support No
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